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The property was assembled from subdivided single-family lots, and rezoning supported by the previous council members in 2014.

The property is divided into area A and B per the rezoning, with area A being for mixed employment uses, while the around south of proposed Mantle Heights will be designated for multifamily residential.

The western portion of the site will retain the wetland and associated high ecological value riparian area, with additional environmental features provided throughout the property. Additional landscape area will be provided with an objective of providing an overall 15% greenspace in accordance with City of Langford approvals.

All vehicles will access the property directly from Leigh Rd, with only emergency vehicles utilizing connection to Goldstream. 1. Bollards will be installed near Goldstream and on the portion of Mantle Heights to prevent public vehicle access. The western emergency access will only be 4m in width B. Proposed use and design represent a reduction in volumes to the originally approved Master Plan

The previous zoning permitted 3.2M SF of gross floor area, but Beedie sought to remove the restriction on non-residential use. The previous master plan proposed hotels, and large multifamily buildings, which would require significantly more blasting for underground parking then our proposal for mixed employment, which does not propose any “underground parking”.

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The retaining walls and blasted bedrock walls of varying heights dependent on location. All retaining structures will be constructed consistent with the visual and engineering requirements of the City of Langford.

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In addition to the greenspace, homes, and jobs the development is expected to generate, the project will contribute $1.0M towards the City of Langford’s General Amenity fund, which will be utilized to provide to the local community.

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